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Whispering Pine Farms

Hereford Breeders in Hot Springs, Montana

Whispering Pine Farms currently runs 120 purebred, registered Hereford cattle. We calve January through to May and sell our bulls private treaty. 

Our females sell in a select few sales throughout the year as well as private treaty year round.

Our herd is run in the rough, rugged, Montana hilltops and bred for their easy fleshing ability. Our herd is ‘low maintenance’ and chosen for udder quality, excellent structure phenotype, and their ability to thrive in harsh conditions. 

We raise bulls while keeping commercial cattlemen in mind. Our focus when selecting cattle for our customers is providing a solution to their genetic objectives. We take the time to work with you whether you are looking for that next heifer bull or a bull that is going to add the pounds and improve your calf crops rib-eye and marbling score. 
Get in touch to discuss your operations genetic goals and how we can assist. 

On Offer

Whether one is looking for commercial bulls, a herd sire, foundation females or a show heifer, Whispering Pine Farms is looking forward to a long-term working relationship with each and every customer.

Next upcoming bull sale is October 18th, 2022 at the Wolff Cattle Company and Friends Sale. 

Contact us for details.

Commercial & Purebred Bulls

Our bulls are offered year-round for private treaty as yearlings and two-year-olds. 

Foundation Females & Show Heifers

We sell our females in two sales annually; in September and November. They also sell private treaty year round.

Embryos & Semen Sales

We offer embryos in our female sales while semen is available year-round, private treaty.

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