Sale and Private Treaty

Quality, Affordable Genetics.

We work closely with our clients to assist them with selecting their herd bull or females providing complete transparency and integrity throughout the entire buying process. Whether your breeding objectives include: 

  • Lower birth weight and calving ease,
  • Breeding replacement females with excellent udder, feet, leg and structure quality,
  • Or adding pounds to your calf crop and improving your rib-eye and marbling scores.

We take pride in the fact that our cattle have never been pushed or trimmed to mask any problems. 

Our bulls are sold year-round as yearlings and two-year-olds by private treaty. Born between January through May with younger calves being held for two-year-olds.  All calves are weaned in the fall to a ration of roughage and pellets. 

Our females are sold in two sales throughout the year. In September as a cosigner at the Wolff Cattle Company and Guests Sale and lastly at our own private, online Ladies of the North Sale in the beginning of November. We also sell by private treaty year round. Our females are fed a ration of roughage and cattle cakes.

Watch this page for updates on upcoming sales. 

2022 Sales

October 18th, 2022  

TIME: 12:30pm 

WHERE: Montana Livestock Auction Yard – Ramsey Montana

October 27th, 2022  

TIME: 12:30pm 

WHERE: Montana Livestock Auction Yard – Ramsey Montana

Previous Bull Sale

December 14th, 2021   –   12:30pm   –   Montana Livestock Auction Yard   –   Ramsey Montana

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8064 Red Angus Bull

Commercial Bull

161H Herford Bull

Commercial Bull BW 78lbs

131H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208876

19H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208871

116H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208870

138H Hereford Bull

Commercial Bull BW 67lbs

140H Herford Bull

Commercial Bull BW Unknown

25H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44216129

74H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208869

41H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208872

59H Herford Bull

Reg# 44208875

136H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44208877

27H Herford Bull

Reg# 44208868

12H Hereford Bull

Reg# 44216098

2021Bull Sale

December 14th, 2021   

TIME: 12:30pm

WHERE: Montana Livestock Auction Yard – Ramsey Montana

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